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If you have ever experienced a yeast infection then you already know how devastating the condition can be. The truth is, statistics shows that more than 70% of women will have a yeast infection at least once in her lifetime. Otherwise known as candidias infection, this infection is caused from the overgrowth of the micro-organism Candida albicans. This is a fungi that is found in humans at very low concentrations. However, if they are allowed to multiply they can cause serious problems.

So the question know is: how to get rid of yeast infection once and for all?

Like most diseases, you need to treat the root cause of the infection in order to eliminate it for good. Nowadays, most of the treatments only treat the symptoms. If you have been suffering for some time and have tried most of the treatments on the market, you would have realized that they only offer a temporary solution. The symptoms will go away for a while only to come back later.

How Do You Treat The Root Cause Of The Infection?

This has a lot to do with your lifestyle. You need to live in such a way that the concentration of the Candida albicans never grow to a level where they will cause problems. Some of thing things that you can do to prevent the infection include:

** Washing your underwear with warm water

** Always dry your skin properly after a bath or if you have been in water

** Never share bath soaps or towels

** Limit your alcohol and sugar intake since yeast feed on these

** Wear loose fitting clothes so that your skin can breathe. Tight clothing will cause a build up of heat which contributes to the infection.

** Shower at least two times per day

What if you already have an infection - How do you get rid of it?

If you already have candidias, there are home remedies available that you can use to eliminate your symptoms. You can add a few spoons of vinegar to a bath of water and sit in there naked for about 30 minutes. This helps to restore the vagina natural pH and reduce the build up of Candida albicans.

Other remedies that you can use include garlic douche and the yogurt tampon. These both have anti-bacterial and anti-fungal properties that will keep the infection under control so that you can live a happy and healthy life free from yeast infections.

Now pay close attention here,

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