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How To Maintain Perfect Health For Man And Woman Over 40

Posted by Mirza Usman Sunday, September 19, 2010

You care, you want, you dream of living as healthy as ever...because now you seem to notice some grey hair, some fine lines on your face, on your hands and on our body.... Here are several things to observe, when one is over 40 years old and into the fifties...

I always have someone to ask me, "Miss Wong, you haven't a bit grown older... you look just like before!" most of my students will tell me when we meet just anyplace. I smilingly told them, 'maybe I have grown old 10 years ago... and they would be bursting out laughing loudly adding that I was as joking as ever.

Well, nothing is the same actually, change is the only constant. It all depends on how we look at things and how we take things as. Beauty is not just skin-deep. Inner beauty is what radiates a person's warmth, character and a person's personality.

Why am I so concerned then? I always tell myself that I am lucky that I was exposed to holistic health when I was 17. I have seen and felt the great need to remain healthy at all times, at all ages. I have experienced and felt the pain, the desperation and the need that we should at least know and learn the basic to look after oneself.

Let's look into on how to maintain good health after 40, Here are some of those important things that a person of over 40 should do and know. The content is partly taken from my personal column in [http://articlesubmission.info/alternative-health/].

Our motive? Yes, to be healthy and strong, be we at any age, 40, 50, 60 or more.. I sometimes joke with my friend, daring him to live 100! It can be a joke, but it can also be our goals that will move all of us forward with hope!

[1] Don't get overweight - consume less carbohydrates, fats and sugars, always maintain an ideal weight

[2] Eat less meats, or be a vegetarian with meatless diets.. Remember, almost all meats contain bad cholesterols, uric acids, hidden fats and some growth hormones

[3] Go for regular body check-up and listen to doctor's advices on how to maintain good health. Get the appropriate knowledge on preventive measures. Prevention is better than cure.

[4] Start to exercise, recommending 'soft' exercises, like stretching to prevent stiffness of limbs, numbness and improve one's flexibility and at the same time learning how to breathe properly.

[5] Keep a positive mental attitude - understand the law of love, law of attraction and law of life and law of harvest. One must know how to create positive environments and let positive people influence us.

[6] Know about anti-aging - understand how one grows old. Learn what causes premature aging, eat the proper foods that helps keep one healthy, young and robust.

[7] Boost immune system - one is always fighting against bacteria, germs, virus. "You win, you live, you lose, you die!'

[8] There is a need to go for detox program - once in two or three months. One can do a semi-fast with drinking only freshly prepared juices or eating only raw fruits and vegetables for a period of 7 days.

[9] Search and learn about spiritual health and wealth - meditation is recommended. Understand that our mortal body is embedding an immortal soul that lives for eternity! Get to know about it!

[10] Next step - watch out for the menopause when one is going into the fifties for women....or andropause for man. This is another great topic to write... aging gracefully to be exact.

The above are just some of the many things that one should observe once we grow into the forties. Rest assured, no fear, no tears, because if one knows the skills of keeping healthy, one can go the extra mile, like I used to say....aging gracefully.

Lucy Wong is a health and nutrition consultant. She is keen in sharing the 4 dimensions of health, aiming at attaining total health and happiness for all. She has written many articles on health related issues at her personal column in [http://manandwomenhealth.blogspot.com/] Read more about alternative approach of maintaining good health at Health Article Directory [http://manandwomenhealth.blogspot.com/search/label/Health] where you will discover the secrets of maintaining good health in men, women and teens. Read more from her personal blog.


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