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Common Cold: General Health Ailment

Posted by Mirza Usman Sunday, April 17, 2011 0 comments

The so-called cold and viral infection primarily of the throat, the results were upper respiratory tract infection. This is a very infectious land is mainly in the dilapidated state of the patient. Specifically, met with nearly 200 kinds of diseases can cause a cold. However, you may change the trend of the cold from one person to another depending on the level of immunity to fight.

Causes the common cold:

This involves the first phase of sore throat and congestion in the nasal passages. Usually begins with the disease of the throat and nose, but there are also an integral part of the body as a whole. Mainly due to a cold, fever, runny nose, cut extreme health cold and sore throat and body pain. Near the nose becomes painful and red.

The main reason is striking in constant contact with a cold virus or virus. Seize the joint density depends on the mountain's immune system and many problems exist in the surrounding atmosphere.

In addition, there are other relevant factors, such as low immune system to fight disease, colds, frequent exposure to cold conditions, drowsiness or fatigue, and sensitivity to air, dust and temperature.

Natural home remedies cure the common cold:

Lemon: Lemon is enriched, vitamin C increases the body's immune system and the toxicity of the disease. In order to overcome the common cold is the proposal, lemon juice a teaspoon of honey mixed with warm water should be almost twice a day.

Garlic: It is recommended that if you are suffering from a cold garlic soup, then take a day. Garlic spasm in the respiratory system filled with clean nature.

Ginger: has been advised for the treatment of colds, a ginger, about 10 grams of weight, you need to cut the rough, a cup of boiling water. There is also need this kind of mixture is strained, with a teaspoon. They consume sugar and hot water twice a day for emergency relief.

Uranium was found with a finger of a woman chewing gum help treat swelling and pain stimulation and body: Ms. fingers. Suggested finger chopped 150 grams of boiling water, and his wife in a pint. We need to steam inhalation today than ever before, the two rapidly relieve cough and cold.

Bitter root: used for treatment of colds, it is proposed that a teaspoon of bitter gourd juice of the root paste mixed with honey and properly Tulsi leaves should be taken once at night about 12 months to combat the various symptoms of cold and cough.

Turmeric: A common factor is the recommended treatment of cough and cold half-teaspoon of turmeric powder and the new nixed because of hot milk should be consumed twice a day.

Tamarind and pepper: the treatment recommendations of a cold, it should be called the use of paint diluted soup tamarind, chili, daily consumption of three times by emergency relief.

Cold dietary recommendations:

When a person suffering from chronic fever signs of the feeling of length and, in this period, he or she should avoid eating spicy food all the solid or oil. Patients should eat fruit and vegetable juices and water. One or get it out of the chronic phase, then he or she should start according to plan daily food food.

Therefore, we believe that all of the above treatment of influenza with a simple natural home remedies.

Although the compromise parrots and birds are very tenacious, and is related to the health of AA points, you should know in order to ensure optimum health and longevity of the birds.

Compromise the basic needs, in addition to daily social parrots and other birds and humans consists of three areas: natural food, clean water and plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Has repeatedly proved, which leads to a group of birds the best care.

The best form of nutrition from a diet rich in variety, although vitamins and minerals to help promote good nutrition, it should not be the main source, the birds feed. Eclectus Parrot love fruits and vegetables, some of my favorite is the mango, pomegranate, apples, carrots, peppers, lettuce and other vegetables.

If you provide clean water to more than tap water Eclectus Parrot birds increased and many of today's more sensitive to these toxins than humans. Clean water should be filled with blood and fresh water days. Wash with mild solution of water and vinegar crocks will help to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria that can make your bird sick.

Exercise is very important that your parrot, to get the best of health. Sports can provide a number of ways. And interest in the purchase of toys, to provide information on the beak, claws, and mental health stimulation pet stores and online. As a general rule of thumb is 'bigger is better' game, as long as the safe and appropriate size of the bird. Excellent game (one clip to the top cage, or hanging position of the game), the size of not more than 10 "× 18" should be sufficient.

If you follow these basic data, Eclectus Parrot and maintain your own education, you can be sure your bird, being long, healthy life. Remember to always consult your veterinarian regarding any health problem may be your parrot.

Personal trainer and a lot of time, your work should be spent with new customers, reaching back to the coordinating agency. Several of the poor situation of public health, including back pain, strengthen weak links, spine and joint degeneration.

Will seriously affect their mobility. For example, if the bathtub is not the correct line, then this may happen, in order to reduce the hip movement. Poor mobility is a common hip, knee pain and injury causes.

May result in a weak position to develop muscle balance. Can cause muscle weakness, damage to joint damage. If the body is in a bad situation, you can exercise is effective, and recruiting the wrong muscles, so the risk of injury.

Poverty is a common position aimed at tension, especially in the neck and shoulders. Forward position of the head and / or bias, the spine can also cause headaches.

Can cause low shoulder strap and long-term general decline in lung capacity and space in front of the body is limited, members of the body of unnecessary stress. Other potential problems may be due to poor posture is poor digestive health, and hormone imbalances, depression, and the development of fatty deposits in the key areas.

So how do you know that your posture is correct?

From the side, you should see the positive ideal route ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, ear lobe in the same vertical line. On the positive side, the body must be both, so that the level with shoulders and hips and eyes. Must also be able to see just a thumb and forefinger of each hand.

Another simple test is to stand in your back against the wall, touching the wall in just woke up. On the one hand placed on the back of the neck, the other on the small back. If the shoulders, head down in contact with all of the wall. Must have enough space to escape just a couple of fingers. A very large area and can move freely, on the one hand points affected by the situation.

Low back pain can have many positive correcting the imbalance is almost eliminated.

In addition, learn how to correctly position small, such as the moment!

Tips status, while improving your position. I think from the feet. Standing, feet shoulder width. Try not to hold a lot of weight in the heel. Ensure that the knee is not locked. Upright, keep your shoulders lift up your chest. Imagine the body of gold thread running through it, and pull you up, head down to your top and beyond.

How Fish Oils Contribute to General Health

Posted by Mirza Usman Saturday, April 16, 2011 0 comments

http://www.manandwomenhealth.blogspot.com/Common problem, I often hear people who have begun to supplement their diet is: "Why fish oil?"
In fact, this is a number of things. You will hear most often, it is beneficial for heart disease and cholesterol. This is correct, scientists have found that omega-three fatty acids in fish oil, the regular consumption of more than forty of those who age up to 30%, reduce cholesterol and heart disease risk. Because ω-3 fatty acids and improve vision, attention and learning ability of children best health. Imagine the impact of such studies. Large number of children who are designated to be strong stimulants to try to resolve the issue the attention and behavior of school. Although we can not guarantee that oil, and solve these problems, may be in the future is safe, natural alternative therapies.
In the elderly has been shown to improve memory. This is not surprising, because most of the brain to do the fat. The simplest sense, these oils and provide high quality materials, and the body and brain can be self-sustaining. There are a number of other benefits. Reduce the pain of arthritis, psoriasis and other skin disease, usually occurs in the consumption of omega - 3. This is because the anti-inflammatory properties of oil.
So, what is the fish? Overall, it improves health. However, not all types of fish contain omega-three fatty acids. Marine fish such as salmon or tuna tend to have higher amounts. The amount of fresh water fish tend to be less. Equally important is to catch wild fish, because it contains less pollutants such as mercury.

Different Tips available Where You Increase Your Body Health

Posted by Mirza Usman Wednesday, February 23, 2011 5 comments

Health is more important consider for both man and women because everyone should be different and healthy looking for others eyes so they will try to keep more and more perfect our body used different methods and eat some useable food so under following so tips where you boost our health and live in a long time.

1.    Regular Exercise:

The first one is regular exercise. Exercise is balance your body and increase speed of blood in your body. Instead of, when you go any ground where air crossing your body and you defiantly cold and feel very good so regular exercise must be very important for your health and also helpful for those man which is very big fat and upset our weight so these are best to join this tip.

2.    Not More Eat:

Sometime, you are very large eat food, this is very dangerous for your health and finally you caught different diseases. A big or fat man contain very diseases result is very fast speed of eat food in different type like oily things which is more effect your health and finally you short our life.

3.    Quit Smoking:

Smoking is big issue to short a life and damaged your health. A man which is smoke is death before our actually death mean they die 10 years before our life. So you should be stop or finished this bad habit if you are involving it.

4.    Not Used Supplement Medicines:

Some of the people are many used supplement medicines, there think that boost health or increase our body ability but not true, actually more used of any medicine low you body ability and performance so you should to not used any supplement medicines which boost or heavy your body. There is simply boost your body but not make a naturally increase your body. 

5.    Have Sound Sleep:

Sound sleep has more important rule perform in your body health.  The sound sleep is active your body for next day. A minimum 8 hours sleep for adults, 10 hours for children and 12 or more hours required for infant which is normal growth period happen during sleep hours.

More information about Health visit http://manandwomenhealth.blogspot.com/