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Are You on the Right Diet? Take a Test

Posted by Mirza Usman Thursday, April 8, 2010

If you decide to lose weight, do not try a supposedly effective diet, recommended by your best friend. All people, depending on age, health, and even psychological types react differently to different diets and drugs for weight loss, so in any case you have to begin with a visit to the doctor. In case you got recommendations of experts and found a perfect diet, but for some reason it does not work pass our test, and determine if that diet is right for you.

Answer "a" - 2 points, "b" - 1 point, "in" - 0 points.

1. How often during a day do you eat?

a) Three times.
b) two times.
c) once.

2. You eat breakfast:

a) every morning.
b) Once or twice a week.
c) Very rarely. Almost never.

3. What do you have for breakfast?

a) Oatmeal and some drinks.
b) Some fried foods.
c) Only one drink.

4. How often during the day do you have a snack?

a) Never.
b) One or two times.
c) Three times or more.

5. How often do you eat fresh vegetables and fruit salads?

a) Three times a day.
b) Three or four times a week.
c) Once or twice a week.

6. How often do you eat cake or chocolate?

a) Once a week.
b) One to four times a week.
a) Almost every day.

7. Do you like bread and butter?

a) Almost never
b) Sometimes
a) Almost every day.

8. How many times a week do you eat fish?

a) Two or three times or more.
b) Once.
c) Once or less frequently.

9. How often do you eat bread and bakery products?

a) once a day.
b) two times a day.
c) Three times or more.

10. Before cooking meat dishes, you will:

a) Remove all the fat.
b) Remove part of the fat.
c) leave all the fat.

11. How many cups of tea or coffee you drink a day?

a) One or two.
b) From three to five.
a) Six or more.

12. Your average daily dose of alcohol?

a) A glass of red wine.
b) One or two glasses of spirits.
c) More than four glasses of strong liquor.

And now summarize the results:

21-24 points. You have a perfect diet. No reasons for concern.
16-21 points. A good diet. You are right in ''golden middle''.
12-16 points. Your diet needs to be carefully adjusted.
0-12 points. The way you eat, cannot be called a diet. Moreover, there is a serious risk to your health.

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