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Eclectus Parrot - General Health

Posted by Mirza Usman Sunday, April 17, 2011

Although the compromise parrots and birds are very tenacious, and is related to the health of AA points, you should know in order to ensure optimum health and longevity of the birds.

Compromise the basic needs, in addition to daily social parrots and other birds and humans consists of three areas: natural food, clean water and plenty of exercise and mental stimulation. Has repeatedly proved, which leads to a group of birds the best care.

The best form of nutrition from a diet rich in variety, although vitamins and minerals to help promote good nutrition, it should not be the main source, the birds feed. Eclectus Parrot love fruits and vegetables, some of my favorite is the mango, pomegranate, apples, carrots, peppers, lettuce and other vegetables.

If you provide clean water to more than tap water Eclectus Parrot birds increased and many of today's more sensitive to these toxins than humans. Clean water should be filled with blood and fresh water days. Wash with mild solution of water and vinegar crocks will help to eliminate potentially harmful bacteria that can make your bird sick.

Exercise is very important that your parrot, to get the best of health. Sports can provide a number of ways. And interest in the purchase of toys, to provide information on the beak, claws, and mental health stimulation pet stores and online. As a general rule of thumb is 'bigger is better' game, as long as the safe and appropriate size of the bird. Excellent game (one clip to the top cage, or hanging position of the game), the size of not more than 10 "× 18" should be sufficient.

If you follow these basic data, Eclectus Parrot and maintain your own education, you can be sure your bird, being long, healthy life. Remember to always consult your veterinarian regarding any health problem may be your parrot.

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