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How Fish Oils Contribute to General Health

Posted by Mirza Usman Saturday, April 16, 2011

http://www.manandwomenhealth.blogspot.com/Common problem, I often hear people who have begun to supplement their diet is: "Why fish oil?"
In fact, this is a number of things. You will hear most often, it is beneficial for heart disease and cholesterol. This is correct, scientists have found that omega-three fatty acids in fish oil, the regular consumption of more than forty of those who age up to 30%, reduce cholesterol and heart disease risk. Because ω-3 fatty acids and improve vision, attention and learning ability of children best health. Imagine the impact of such studies. Large number of children who are designated to be strong stimulants to try to resolve the issue the attention and behavior of school. Although we can not guarantee that oil, and solve these problems, may be in the future is safe, natural alternative therapies.
In the elderly has been shown to improve memory. This is not surprising, because most of the brain to do the fat. The simplest sense, these oils and provide high quality materials, and the body and brain can be self-sustaining. There are a number of other benefits. Reduce the pain of arthritis, psoriasis and other skin disease, usually occurs in the consumption of omega - 3. This is because the anti-inflammatory properties of oil.
So, what is the fish? Overall, it improves health. However, not all types of fish contain omega-three fatty acids. Marine fish such as salmon or tuna tend to have higher amounts. The amount of fresh water fish tend to be less. Equally important is to catch wild fish, because it contains less pollutants such as mercury.


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