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Is Your Posture Affecting Your General Health?

Posted by Mirza Usman Sunday, April 17, 2011

Personal trainer and a lot of time, your work should be spent with new customers, reaching back to the coordinating agency. Several of the poor situation of public health, including back pain, strengthen weak links, spine and joint degeneration.

Will seriously affect their mobility. For example, if the bathtub is not the correct line, then this may happen, in order to reduce the hip movement. Poor mobility is a common hip, knee pain and injury causes.

May result in a weak position to develop muscle balance. Can cause muscle weakness, damage to joint damage. If the body is in a bad situation, you can exercise is effective, and recruiting the wrong muscles, so the risk of injury.

Poverty is a common position aimed at tension, especially in the neck and shoulders. Forward position of the head and / or bias, the spine can also cause headaches.

Can cause low shoulder strap and long-term general decline in lung capacity and space in front of the body is limited, members of the body of unnecessary stress. Other potential problems may be due to poor posture is poor digestive health, and hormone imbalances, depression, and the development of fatty deposits in the key areas.

So how do you know that your posture is correct?

From the side, you should see the positive ideal route ankle, knee, hip, shoulder, ear lobe in the same vertical line. On the positive side, the body must be both, so that the level with shoulders and hips and eyes. Must also be able to see just a thumb and forefinger of each hand.

Another simple test is to stand in your back against the wall, touching the wall in just woke up. On the one hand placed on the back of the neck, the other on the small back. If the shoulders, head down in contact with all of the wall. Must have enough space to escape just a couple of fingers. A very large area and can move freely, on the one hand points affected by the situation.

Low back pain can have many positive correcting the imbalance is almost eliminated.

In addition, learn how to correctly position small, such as the moment!

Tips status, while improving your position. I think from the feet. Standing, feet shoulder width. Try not to hold a lot of weight in the heel. Ensure that the knee is not locked. Upright, keep your shoulders lift up your chest. Imagine the body of gold thread running through it, and pull you up, head down to your top and beyond.


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